Apr 17, 2014

Happy Birthday VB!!!

OK, so Mrs B celebrates turning 40 today and there
are so many reasons why I have so much respect for this woman.

She faced some of her harshest critics from the UK, and yet she
just kept her head down and kept on keeping on.

Here are some other reasons I respect here so much.
Don't you think she looks so pretty without the scowl? This is my
fav picture of her.

"Most people never become this successful in their second careers.
She is an exception in every sense of the word-in her personality
in everything"
(Karl Largerfeld)

I love that she could have just sat back, become a
footballers wife and nothing else. But she has really had
to strive to get respected in the fashion world, as everyone
was just waiting for her to fail. She plugged away
for years and now she seems to have reached her pinnacle.
That's a lesson in success if ever I saw one.

Cheryl Cole in VB

"She had an amazing potential that only certain women have-
such as Diane von Furstenberg. ………She is not a designer like me, but
she has something that I don't have; a unique sense of wearing what
she creates, images of which go round the world and sell it!"

(Roland Mouret)

"Don't underestimate her" 
(Anna Wintour)

Jennifer Hudson in VB

"She is spontaneous with a great sense of humor; humble
yet at the same time driven by a healthy ambition. She
is a perfectionist, like everyone who is passionate
about their work"

(Emmanuelle Alt-Editor-in-Chief, Vogue, Paris)

"She is a very sweet woman with a great sense of humor.
You can tell she's passionate about her collections"
(Manolo Blahnik)

Miss "Conscious Uncoupling" in VB

What I personally love about her is that the word "humble" comes up
continuously by people that know her. She has to be one of the most photo
graphed women in the world and yet I have never read of any diva
behavior in any shape or form.

Some say that she knows all the right people hence her success.
I don't agree. You have to do more than "know" the right people,
you have to deliver and she has shown she can deliver through
sheer hard work and fiery ambition.

Oprah wearing VB

She always said she wanted all shapes of women to
wear her clothes and she stayed true to her word.
It wasn't just a marketing ploy

"We're close friends. She's just an amazing woman….
I aspire to be like her some day. She is not
just another celebrity trying to have a clothing line.
She IS fashion and definitely knows what she is talking about"
(Eva Longoria)

Her BFF wearing VB

She recently revealed that she collects crystals to
create positive energy, believes in karma
and works out at 6am five days a week!
(now that is someone disciplined!)
German Vogue in 2010

British Vogue in 2008

"I look at people like Victoria Beckham and 
admire them so much……………I don't know how she
can have four kids the perfect brand and an even
more perfect husband".
(Paris Hilton)

She is certainly like Marmite-you either love
her or hate her. I am going with the former.
She doesn't always get things right. She has
had more than her fair share of fashion blunders,
but haven't we all by the time we get to 40.

I would love to hear your views.

Happy Easter Lovelies

Apr 11, 2014

Feeling Fruity

OK Lovelies, this is not what you are thinking.
Instead it's about the sight of seeing orange everywhere.
orange, marc jacobs, hermés, orange accessories, orange bags
Marc Jacobs Bag and Hermés Cuff

It then occurred to that I don't actually own 
anything in this zesty shade.

Maybe I should be more adventurous with
this color;
 * a color that is said to represent
joy and creativity.

Hermés Scarf
* a color that is said to stimulate an  increase in socialization skills 
and increased oxygen to the brain ( I think I need this
color in my life pronto)

* orange is a word that nothing rhymes with (think about it).

long, dangly hammered silver earrings, summer jewelry, summer earrings,sterling silver dangle earrings

Stunning chandelier earrings 
adorned with madeira Garnets.

* orange is a color associated with summer and the
hot sun but also the color of harvest and autumn.

Gucci, Orange Gucci Python Sandals, Orange Sandals
Gucci Python Ankle Strap Sandals.

As I said I don't own anything orange, but is SO need
these sandals in my life.
Orange Hermés Birkin Bag, Orange bag, Orange Hermés,orange
Hermés Orange Birkin
*Orange is rare in golf apparel

*Celebrity Mario Batali uses orange as his signature color.
Could it be because it is a color that is said to encourage feelings
of hunger and contentment. Which is the reason many
restaurants use this color in their decor.

arge silver double hoop earrings with gemstones, silver chandelier multi-gemstone hoop earrings

Stunning chandelier hoops with light and dark Amethyst
and madeira Garnets. Available here

Do you agree with Mr Sinatra? 
Is Orange the happiest color for you?
If not, what color makes you really happy?

Wishing you all a "fruity" weekend ;-)


Apr 2, 2014

This Spring I Wish For You………..

Well it's officially Spring (so I keep
being told) and apart from the odd day 
here and there (in the UK), it doesn't feel
like it should.

When it arrives it is definitely my most
favorite time of the year.
It's the month of my birthday,
so it always feels like the month of
new beginnings and  new promises
to myself.

I hope it hurries up and arrives and
when it does…...

* I wish for you the amazement of Spring that is 
always better that you dared expect

*I wish for you the desire to throw caution to
the wind and invite your "inner child" back to 
the party (why does that always happen
when the sun is shining?)

* I wish you the delight of seeing seedlings coming to life;
something that looked like an impossibility
when you first planted them

*I wish you the joy of dew on the grass as the sunlight
tries to burst through the morning clouds

*I wish you the joy of finally feeling the
heat of the sun on your skin; a feeling
long forgotten

*I wish you your first bunch of 
gorgeous daffodils; bought by you…..
for you ;-)

* I wish you the  smell of new fragrances that remind you
of  lemon groves in Italy, Orange blossom
from Spain or lavender bouquets from Provence, France.

*I wish you the courage to bear those
legs beneath pretty tea dresses 

Dress: Oasis

*I wish you the joy of making time to just
sit………..and be.

Spring in New York's Central Parl

* I wish you the joy of all things zingy
and citrusy.

* I wish you the fun of shedding
all dark and practical footwear for
fun, frivolous and totally impractical ;-)

Gucci sandals, green Gucci sandals, summer sandals, Gucci ankle strap sandals

* I wish you the joy of  lovely accessories;
accessories that remind you of Spring all
year round.

green jewelry, green gemstone ring, contemporary rings,green earrings, green gemstone earrings
OK, we may not all have those legs, but we can compensate with sparkles ;-)
Earrings here
Ring here

What most excites you about Spring lovely ladies?

Mar 27, 2014

Pencils of Promise

OK. This blog has always been about things that inspire me.
People. Objects. Products. Thoughts. Anything.

This week I watched a video about one of the most
incredible people-Adam Braun.

I watched an interview with him and Jonathan Fields
(posted below if you have 30+ minutes for the
longer version) and I was dumb-founded.

I watched it twice each time feeling more selfish,
self-absorbed and humbled.

How could someone SO young have such an incredible
and self-less vision?
What was I thinking about when I was in my early 20's
(nothing as profound and life-changing as Adam-for sure.
I don't think that even changed much in my 30's!)

In the longer interview you get more or a sense of the kind of
family background and ethics Adam was brought up with
(he has 2 African adopted brothers).

His Grandmother who was carted off to
Auschwitz with all her family (who perished)
survived, and became his main inspiration.

Nothing has inspired me like this for a long time.
It really made me think about, what am I here for?
What will be my legacy? (especially as I don't 
have children).
I don't have any answers yet ( and 
I may never have them)  but I am hoping by having that 
question at the forefront of my mind as I go about my
daily life, something will be ignited.

It also made me realize just how self-absorbed 
I have recently been with my own obstacles
(some of which I have written about here).

It doesn't mean my obstacles didn't exist.
It just made me realize I had no real perspective.
If I did have perspective, they would not have
taken up so much head space.

Sometimes you need to come across
a story like this to just get you back
on track.

PLEASE, if you have just 30 minutes, grab your favorite
drink, make yourself comfy and watch the full story.

If you have children that moan about doing their homework
or going to school, get them to watch the short version ;-)

I would love to hear about anything that has recently inspired
you. It doesn't have to be on a big scale or hugely profound. But just
the fact that you felt inspired, means our minds and hearts are still

I would also love to know your thoughts on the above.


Mar 19, 2014

Reflections+ Irrational Fears

So this week was my birthday.
No big milestone birthday, but quite an emotional
one for me. You see I finally reached the age that
was to be the age that my young Mum died.

I know this is totally irrational.
But it's been a mental milestone
that I have been dreading for as long
as I can remember.

It drives my loved ones mad.
But I can't get past it.

It finally arrived on Monday,
and everything is still the same. 
There was no big
clap of thunder. The sky did not
turn black. I didn't hear
Charlton Heston's voice booming
at me through the clouds.
No, everything just ticked
along as normal.

Was that what was "supposed" to happen?
Did I miss the memo?

So I tried not to think about or
mention "the number"out loud.

Instead I tried to reflect on what
I have learnt during my
forty-something years on this planet
(admittedly this was a struggle ;-)

I've learnt that:

* most fears are totally irrational
and that I still haven't mastered how to
not let what hasn't happened affect me as
if it has ;-)

*at all times I am where I am supposed
to be. So stop bloody fighting it ;-)

*it might take a day, a week or 
a year, but what we want will find us

*you should be able to count your
very closest friends on just one hand

*that there are still so many women
around the world who will never reach my age
as either their national life expectancy or circumstances
will dictate that

*every morning I am credited with 86,400 seconds.
It's for me to use every second wisely because
every night the slate is wiped clean and any
time I did not use is just written off.

*there is usually very little a good lipstick, heels and
chocolate won't solve

*and to…………..

NEW: Perfect for Spring. 
Available here

NEW: Is it only me that wants 
to channel her inner J-Lo?
Available here

So what has age taught you?
How do you deal with
irrational fears?

As always I love hearing your
views and thoughts.

Mar 7, 2014

Missing In Action + Leopard Lust

OK, so where do I begin?
It seems I have been away from blogging a long time 
(and I have certainly missed my wonderful
blogging friends).

So what happened?

Some good; new website, new blog (still in
progress as not 100% in love with it yet), 
lots of new products, re-connecting
with some old friends, being a support for
others and a "general"
feeling of gratitude and well-being.

Also some stressful things happening
(which I am learning is inevitable when
you are caring for an elderly parent
who is determined to hang onto his 
independence, and can be as 
stubborn as  a mule).

The last few weeks have been challenging,
rewarding, exciting, frustrating, overwhelming,
scary………..you name it, I've been there.
I've run the gamut of emotions, but managed
to come out the other side-lipstick in tact!

 I am STILL here trying my best to march
along, head held high, heels clicking with attitude,
waterproof mascara on tap
and still lusting after "leopard" .

What is it about animal print that makes
me go ga-ga?

leopard print, leopard design, leopard shoes, leopard print heels

Is it just me?

Does that feeling wane as the months get hotter?

Great styling

Is it just an addiction that grips one during the
cold months?

leopard print, leopard design, leopard design bag , Jimmy Choo
I so need this bag in my life right now. I am sure it will solve all my problems ;-)

I'm thinking not as I see more and more wonderful
interiors using animal print.

leopard print, leopard design, leopard design interiors, leopard print runner, leopard rug

leopard print, leopard design, leopard design interiors

And then there are of course our wonderful
new rings out this week.

leopard print, leopard design jewelry, leopard rings, leopard jewellery

These gorgeous pieces are designed by a wonderful
Spanish designer from Madrid (Belén Bajos),
and I can't wait to show you even more of her
gorgeous pieces in the coming months.

But first, shall we just lust after these together?

For my blogging friends only, I am offering a 15%
discount on any of the above rings.
Your discount code is: BLOG15
And the offer expires on 17 March
(St Paddy's Day + my birthday).
If  you any queries just
drop me an email.

I would love to know your thoughts
on my new pieces, on my new website and of course
on animal prints in general.

Happy weekend you little "tigers" ;-)


Feb 13, 2014

Trying Not to Be Slushy

I am not the most romantic.
My Hubs is certainly more romantic
than me. However, I LOVE 
being in love.

But love is so many different things
to different people.

For me it's not the roses, chocolates
or expensive gifts. It's must simpler than that.

Maybe it's:

*when you catch each others eye
in a crowd and know exactly what your
partner's thinking

*it's that lovely feeling of holding hands; that
warm, strong masculine grip that works every time

*it's knowing that no matter
how wrong you are about something,
you will always be defended (in public
at least ;-)

*it's knowing someone always has your back

*it's knowing that you don't need to
speak to feel each others presence

* it's when the word compromise
doesn't exist; it's just a given

*it's dancing in your pj's to your
favorite song and just losing
all track of the present 

I recently found this fabulous blog
that epitomizes all that is LOVE.
I cry every time I read the posts.
It really is unconditional love at it's most extreme.
You can't help reading the posts whilst
asking yourself "what if this were me?".
Pop over; I defy you not to shed a tear 
or two (you may need to read the post of 4
October 2011 to get the gist of what has happened).

Next grab your favorite drink and take
5 minutes to watch this lovely video; it needs no words

Happy Valentines Lovelies

Message to Hubs

p.s next week I hope to unveil my new website and
new blog/re-branding.
I would love your thoughts as I will
also be offering something just for my 
blog readers.

Feb 7, 2014

Meltdown Over

Hello Lovelies!
First a HUGE thank you for all the heartfelt
comments I got to my previous post.

Right up until yesterday I was receiving
emails from all over the blogosphere
from wonderful women just checking in ;-)

I can't tell you how much strength it has
actually given me.

I also took Dame Taylors advice;
I put on the vampish lipstick and
nail polish and pulled myself together.

However whilst attending my own "pity party" I: 

* learnt my meltdown was more about 
my fear for the people
I love than about my own fears.

*learnt it was more about my anger at someone
disrupting my cosy, happy life

*I learnt that I can lose my head about trivia,
but when it really matters I am "on it"
(as my Hubs so kindly told me)

* I learnt sometimes you just have to
"zap" the toxic people in your life; there is
just no time for discussions. 
You need to move quickly.

*I learnt to not push harder and harder against the problem;
it just gives the issue more energy

*I learnt to continue crafting my life as I wish; in a way that
brings real joy and pleasure

*I remembered not  to rent out my head space
to the gremlins that seem to move in during 
the night. The real estate
in my head is way above their budgets ;-)

*I learnt that sometimes you just have to surrender to what is,
to who people are and to their baggage. You just
don't have to accept their junk in your space

* I remembered just how blessed I am and
that this blip, was merely just that…….a blip.

*I remembered to just trust the wisdom of life, it
always works out as it should.

Happy Weekend Lovelies